Kodėl Rusija kai kada elgiasi nevisai logiškai,…

…nors taip atrodo tik mums 😉
Rusija ir toliau tebelaiko save (kad ir nusilpusia, bet) supervalstybe ir savo užsienio politikoje remiasi trim principais:
The first one – Putin’s Russia views itself as a superpower that must exert the same influence as the US. And so, if the US sells arms to Middle Eastern states (including a $60 billion deal with Saudi Arabia alone,) Russia needs to do the same.
The second one – An unwritten agreement exists between the Russian government and people, whereby the regime must ensure economic growth, while the people ensure that the regime (Putin, his close associates, and the system he established) remain intact. In order for that to happen, Russia must make use of its two advantages: The oil and gas reserves within its territory, and its ability to supply advanced weapons. Maximizing the economic benefits of the above elements requires aggressive policy.
The third one – Russia cannot reconcile itself to unilateral acts against it (and this is how it interpreted the deployment of US missiles in Poland and in the Czech Republic, as well as Bush’s and Obama’s policy of supporting Georgia.) Russia also cannot accept being ignored. The American activism in the Middle East, first on the Israeli-Palestinian track and later on the Syrian track, while involving other players (such as France and Egypt) and ignoring Russia, is intolerable to Moscow.

Suvokus šiuos principus, didžioji dalis nelogiško Rusijos elgesio įgauna logiką 😉



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