Jeigu rusai būtų užgrobę Britaniją

Iš serijos „Kas būtų, jeigu…“, bet vertas dėmesio skaitalas besidomintiems alternatyvia istorija
„Declassified papers, released this week, show that 30 years ago, at the height of the Cold War, Britain’s defence system was so woefully inadequate that, had Russia launched an assault, we would have been incapable of protecting ourselves. As Prime Minister Jim Callaghan remarked at the time: ‘Heaven help us if there is a war.’ If Russia had attacked us, here is how one leading historian imagines events might have unfolded.

The massive aerial attack by MiGs from Russia’s 12 aircraft carriers off the Norfolk and Suffolk coasts, coupled with the landing of 20 parachute brigades on key British aerodromes and a naval armada unloading 30 tank divisions into East Anglia, meant the JIC’s stark assessment was put to the test only two months after it was made.
The British armed forces fought with superb bravery for a week, but the former Labour PM Harold Wilson’s swingeing defence cuts of the Sixties and mid-to-late Seventies left them powerless to resist the Russian assaults.“



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